Our Portfolio

What we have invested in:


FACEIT offers the largest independent platform for competitive video gaming in the world, organising tournaments for games including Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Rainbow Six: Siege and League of Legends.

We invested because we think the world of competitive video games is just getting started.

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The Up Company (TheUp.co)

The Up Company is a hospitality management platform, behind ServedUp, a high-growth order-at-table solution for pubs, bars and restaurants and ChargedUp, the world's largest powerbank rental platform outside China, with over 2,000 stations around Europe.

We invested because we believe that the team that builds products the world needs, at the pace they need them, will always win.


Dash Water is a calorie-free, sparkling sustainable water brand that infuses its drinks with "wonky" fruit that would otherwise go to waste. 

We invested because we believe in a sustainable, healthy, delicious future.


Streamloots is platform where streamers can interact with their fans, generating income in the process. Follow-on financing has since been provided by blue-chip US venture capital firms since our investment.

We invested because we believe the future of entertainment is interactive and Creator-led.

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Wild is a natural deodorant brand launched in 2020, eliminating single-use plastic with a refillable product purchased on subscription with market-leading repeat rates. They became comfortably the highest-selling natural deodorant brand in the UK in their first year of launch.

We invested because we believe in a future where bathroom products are sustainable, natural, and effective.

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Banquist delivers at-home meal kits with best-in-class customer feedback, curated by Michelin starred chefs, alongside a video cookalong with the chef.

We invested because we believe that the future of cooking as leisure activity is multimedia, educational, and delicious.